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Mountains and Figure Skating: Nebelhorn Trophy 2018 – Day 3

Nebelhorn cable car

On Friday we had originally planned to do a longer hike up „Rubihorn“, but then a couple of things came in the way. First of all our hike from the day before had turned from a short hike to a very long one, the Nebelhorn cable car was out of order for a short while when we arrived there early in the morning (good to hear that they are planning to build a new one, since it’s rather outdated by now) and yesterday I noticed that my hiking boots (admittedly they’re over 10 years by now) were starting to fall apart at the soles. I had brought sneakers when I noticed that the day before, but still I didn’t feel all too comfortable about the thought of having to switch to sneakers in the middle of a hike in a rather alpine environment. Since some of my friends didn’t feel all that fit after the big hike from the day before either, we decided to postpone that hike until another year and went up Nebelhorn instead again and took a smaller hike towards „Seealpsee“.

Beautiful  mountain silhouettes
View towards Seealpsee

Afterwards we arrived at the rink in time to see the whole ladies LP competition. While the first group had some rather weak skates, I still thought overall it was a rather good and entertaining competition. As in the year before I really enjoyed the skating style and choreography of Brooklee Han from Australia, even if her jumps weren’t all clean. The first real highlight was Marin Honda, who had a very lovely program with a very fitting very cute costume to go with it. She was a lot stronger and more confident than in the SP.

While I also really enjoyed the skates from Loena Hendrickx, Mai Mihara, Ashley Lin and Mariah Bell, the biggest highlight of the LP of course was the skating from Alina Zagitova, who had chosen „Carmen“ for her LP music.

Alina Zagitova

A very traditional choice of course, but I really really liked the choreography and the jumps and execution of her program already were pretty much perfect that early in the season. What a great privilege and luck to get to see her skate live at such a small competition, she was as brilliant as one would expect from an Olympic champion.

The Free Dance afterwards did have some nice programs, but also the usual boring parts. Overall I have to say I don’t remember too many dances, but again Gilles & Poirier were very very lovely, skating to some romantic guitar ballad and pulling it off with a lightness that made it very enjoyable. Still my favorites in this FD were another team, that I had never seen before: Fear & Gibson from Great Britain. Their „disco“ FD was pulled off with so much power, energy and expression that it was great fun to watch and I also thought their lifts looked really effortless. They were rewarded with moving up 2 places from 6th to 4th overall.